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Client No.2 needed a full line of cannabis-derived products that would be competitive

with the existing companies in the industry. Malibu was created with differentiation in mind; while most brands in the market gear towards the street lifestyle, Malibu encompasses the upscale beach culture to cater to a broader market.

Custom Rendering
Malibu Cannabis Logo

Ride the wave
How high is your wave? Surf photography photo


Client No.2 grew from conception to a several million-dollar brand within just a few months—the line developed into an eight SKU family, including manufactured and organic products. As a result, sales are exponentially increasing, with over an 800% increase this year alone. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at
Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at
Malibu brand guide
Sugar Daddy Logo
Sugar Daddy strains


Client No.3 needed to fill a price point in the retail market utilizing vertically sourced product; Sugar Daddy was created to cater to the mid-price range demographic offering quality with affordability. Jumping on the trend of motivation, Sugar Daddy's marketing approach embodies the dream big mindset. This creates a culture-oriented brand voice, appealing to a wide demographic and increasing credibility. 

French vanilla Sugar Mama product graphics
Sugar mama photography
Marble Surface


Sugar Daddy packaging
Sugar Daddy merch examples


Sugar Daddy went from being solely an in-house brand to a Statewide hot-ticket item in weeks. Available in over 300 stores across California and exponentially expanding, they claim a stake in the market focused on the ambitious lifestyle trend and motivational orientation. Content building is ongoing, with new media channel introductions launching in Fall 2022 through W&A. 

Sugar Daddy brand guide
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